CMD Profile

Today was nothing but a Dream till yesterday

Very early in his career, Mr. Vipin Agarwal knew that parental business was not his cup of tea. So it all started the day he landed a job in Sharda Neher Yojna and he successfully completed his first civil contract of Pashulok Bairaj in Hrishikesh. Opportunity kept knocking at his door and he added several civil contracts from railway to his folio. The feather in the cap was when he successfully completed the electrification of the railway line from Delhi to Amritsar. This success became the first and the most important block in the foundation of what is today known as Competent Group.


Mr. Vipin Agarwal



Giving it back to Bareilly

Serving the city was Mr. Agarwal's first priority always. Determined to bring back the fading industrial culture in Bareilly, he made his intentions clear by launching Competent Industrial Park. Till date, it's a landmark in the field of real estate in the city.

Earning trust. Realizing dreams

When trust becomes your strength, every project becomes an example. Under the aegis of Mr. Vipin Agarwal, Competent Group has unfailingly delivered all its projects on time with a quality beyond expectations. That is why, each Competent project has raised the benchmark quite a few notches.


Sai Residency, Camphor Estate, Competent Industrial Park and the recently built Competent Pride are always mentioned with pride whenever real estate is talked about.






Even the best never rests.

Trust is a tree that needs to be watered every day. That is why we have highly qualified professionals who work day in and day out to enhance customer satisfaction at every step. We are proud that we have been highly successful with that. And we are sure that with the trust and support we have got from our consumers, Competent family will keep getting stronger, bigger and happier.